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Effective advertising accelerates the success of a product and enhances the magnitude of its impact in the ever-evolving consumer market. While our clients do the hard work of creating products and services to make life easier for their customers, we take immense pride and pleasure in helping our clients reach their goals and continuously push boundaries. We value our clients enough to learn in-depth about them, their products, and their customers. We believe that a successful campaign is a product of pragmatic research and analysis, and an outflow of creative juices. It excites us to explore possibilities on behalf of our clients, and our dynamic team works together to offer results-oriented and customized marketing and advertising solutions with a focus on the return on investment.


To help our customers take their businesses to the next level through powerful branding, positioning, and advertising.

Code of Conduct:

Diligence  We are passionate about our work and committed to delivering nothing but the absolute best to our clients. Our performance defines us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Innovation  In a world where change in the only constant, we have to keep up-to-date on the trends so we can use them to our benefit. Innovation is a vital necessity to stay ahead in this business, and it has become a part of our code of conduct.

Creativity  Out strategies are watertight, but our creativity overflows. The true rewards are the results we achieve, but we are not complaining about being able to have fun in the process. Letting our minds wander way out of the box is one of our personal strategies.

Reliability  We thrive to become the epitome of trust and reliability for our clients. We want to be the ones they know they can count on for all their advertising needs, at any given point

We are proud of our dynamic team and value all 59 members of the WOA family, as much as we value our customers. Our leadership team is committed to maintaining the quality of deliverable to our clients by providing the right platform to produce the most favorable output for our clients. Fun, Creativity & Commitments are on top of our minds. 

Rodel believes that teamwork makes the dreamwork. Therefore, he enjoys organizing and coordinating the operations of the company. His background in marketing and customer service helps us steer better as he knows the functions and priorities all too well. He loves being connected to, and having an impact on other parts of the world through his job while focusing on the  business momentum in the Middle East.

Saira is in core of our emerging markets like Pakistan. Managing great projects within Financial sector. 17+ years of experience tags with her as our insurance policy for quality. 

Anwar is a pillar for our Middle Eastern operations. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for more than 25 years gives him an advantage of knowing all the cultural norms and tactics inside out.

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The People Behind World of Advertising:

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Rodel Del Mundo
General Manager

Middle East
Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saira Abid
General Manager

South Asia
Based in Karachi, Pakistan

Anwar Khan
Operations Manager

Middle East

Based in Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia







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